Pastoral Slumber 2012 Israel Museum, Jerusalem, House paint on wall. Part of “Good Night” curated by Kobi Ben Meir

“Motion Detector”, 2016, with Katja Pudor, Pavillion Milchof, Berlin

Pavilion Milchof, Berlin

“A Walk on the Wild Side”, 2009, Habres+Partner Gallery, Vienna. House paint on wall, 4x5 meters.

“Her Name Was Lola, She Was A Showgirl”, 2012, Gallery 39, Tel Aviv. House paint on wall.

“Suprise”, 2014, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, House paint on wall. Part of “Woven Consciousness” curated by Irena Gordon

Hidden Waters, 2008, House paint on wall, Haifa Museum of Art

Hidden Waters, 2008, House paint on wall, Haifa Museum of Art

Private commission

“Response Time”, 2012, Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curated by Tali Ben Nun

Response Time, Minshar Gallery

site specific wall paintings and works on paper

Pastoral Slumber, the site-specific mural I created for the exhibit “Good Night” at the Israel Museum, aims to awaken emotions like those a child feels when seeing monsters in the shadows of a dark bedroom. The image is a striped sheet that can be viewed simultaneously as a landscape of mountains and valleys. By lowering my point of view and enlarging the scale of this everyday intimate object, I evoke a feeling of distance, monumentality, and consequent threat.

The mural is painted directly on the walls of the museum with diluted house paint, creating an effect of watercolor or pencil. The painted stripes give another dimension to the painting, weaving in and out, at times seeming to integrate with the folds of the sheet and at other times remaining a flat pattern.